about me

Effie + Ros was born after I had my third child and wanted to share some of the amazing tools I have learnt along the way, as well as some of the tools I wish I had known earlier. I realised that it is not always easy to find empowering, nurturing and informative ante and post natal support that enables women to truly understand how powerful and capable they are. I wanted to set up a place where women could connect and share in their journey – as we are stronger together.

When pregnant,  I taught myself hypnobirthing, went to an active birth course, a hospital hypnobirthing course, NCT classes and squeezed in as much yoga as possible. I had three very different – but wonderful and empowering birth experiences – and want to share how amazing birth can be when we peel back the stories we are told and the expectations society teaches us. I trained to teach hypnobirthing as self-teaching set me up well and I had some good luck in my births, but I lacked a lot of knowledge that I could have benefited from in pregnancy, birth and post-birth. The in-depth understanding that comes with an in-person course, the community and connection from a group of women, the accountability when it comes to practising as well as how to navigate the NHS were all absent for me. I truly believe this is something all women should have access to.

Kate x

Beyond the birth, the mindful skills that form part of hypnobirthing have transformed my motherhood experience. I feel passionate about sharing ways I have learnt to make the motherhood experience a little gentler. Hypnobirthing set me on a path of understanding how powerful our minds are and how we can shape our own perceptions and realities. I lean on mindfulness tools, yoga/movement, nutrition, meditation as well as mindset techniques to help women feel their BRILLIANCE and POWER, whether pregnant or years into motherhood.

I am also training to offer mindfulness based classes for kids from 2019. Classes include elements of mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reiki as well as crafts and creativity. Imagine if we could equip our children with some incredible tools to help them manage the stresses of the world and uncover their own inner contentment. Mindful Magic is coming to Teddington!

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