closing the bones

Closing the Bones is a beautiful post natal massage and ritual. It is an Ecuadorian tradition, whereby mothers are nurtured and encouraged by her village community to rest and heal during the first 40 days of motherhood. It involves holding the space for new mums during the time of intense change, allowing her to honour her body and recognise the brilliance of what she has done. It offers the mother the chance to release her emotions, to lie with her body, her breath, be present in the moment and just BE.

Physically, the massage helps to realign the hips, pelvis and spine after the birth of a baby. I trained in Closing the Bones with Sophie Messager, and the technique has been adapted and modernised by a Cambridge-based Osteopath, Teddy Brookes.

Closing the Bones is normally done in the comfort of your home. Allow around 90 minutes for the full treatment. I set up the room with blankets, cushions, candles and aromatherapy oils. It is an opportunity to de-brief on your birth, pregnancy or motherhood experience with a lovely cuppa of herbal tea.

We have a guided meditation. It is an honour for me to hold the space with you and to reflect on your journey. The massage can also be as part of a mother blessing ceremony, with close friends or family.

Investment – £55, with a 20% discount if you have completed a hypnobirthing course with me. Please contact me separately to discuss a mother blessing ceremony.

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