Hypnobirthing with Effie + Ros

Growing a small person is incredible. We often don’t stop to think about how powerful and capable this makes us! I am here to educate you about how amazing your body is, how you can work with it not against it. I want you to understand the CHOICES you have, despite a lifetime of conditioning otherwise. I am here to help you understand and navigate the system and people’s expectations. I want you to feel INFORMED and SUPPORTED and this is how to help you feel POWERFUL and CAPABLE when you give birth. I also want to offer you some incredible tools to take with you into motherhood.

You might opt for all the pain relief and intervention. You might opt for none of it. I don’t care what you choose, I just want you to feel informed, prepared, positive and for decisions to be YOUR CHOICE.

what i offer

If you are ready to take responsibility for your birth journey then these courses are for you. If you feel nervous about how you are going to cope, but don’t want to wait for birth to happen to you. You want to be involved, to do it your way and know that the choices you made were your choices, made from a place of power and understanding rather than fear.

I am not promising you a pain-free, ecstatic birth. I am offering you a set of skills to give you the confidence to know that you can birth your way, feel powerful and even enjoy the experience.


Knowledge really is power. My courses are about understanding the ways you can set yourself up for the best possible birth for you. You will learn how your body works in labour, how you can work with it, the power of your mind and your ability to reframe how you view birth. Learn the evidence behind different birth practices, interventions and protocols. Armed with this knowledge, you are in a powerful place to make your own choices.


You will learn a set of powerful, even life changing tools to draw upon in pregnancy, birth and as you go through your motherhood journey. Some tools are birth specific – massage techniques for labour, managing the birth environment, amongst others. Others are not birth specific - we draw on techniques used in sports psychology, meditation and mindfulness.


Learn how to navigate the system and truly make your own choices. If you have the right, evidence-based knowledge at your fingertips you will feel so much more confident to make the right choices for you.


Are you ready to feel inspired by other women? By what you can achieve? To feel proud and in awe of your body and what it has done? You have all the strength you need within you, we just help to peel back the layers of conditioning and social expectations.

£10 from every hypnobirthing course booking goes to Born Too Soon, the charity linked to the neonatal unit at Kingston Hospital. https://borntoosoon.info/

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