Mindful magic

Mindful Magic is a mindfulness-inspired and meditation programme for children and parents. 

Through simple, fun, accessible tools we teach children a greater sense of calm, peace and acceptance. We teach families to breathe, focus and just be. It doesn’t matter whether your child can sit for one minute or one hour, through our sessions children gain a greater sense of acceptance, calm and clarity. 

I am on a mission to help all families uncover their inner joy!

What we do


So instinctive and so simple, breathing techniques are incredibly powerful. Breathing helps to calm us ground us and bring us back to the present moment. And they only take a few minutes!


By focusing, we notice things we may not have done. Maybe a body part or a feeling. These tools help us develop concentration and an awareness that everything, including our thoughts, is a temporary state.


Mindfulness is not just about sitting still and quietly. Movement helps us understand our physical selves, and brings awareness to movement we do all the time and may not have noticed. It's also a great chance to run off some energy too.


We are all creating all the time. Children love to colour, paint, draw, cut, glue. Their focus in incredible, they are in their zone, concentrating on the job at hand. This is mindfulness in its truest form.


Snuggling with blankets and pillows, this is a chance to switch off for a few minutes and listen to a lovely, empowering guided meditation. This is a wonderful moment for children to just BE.

Classes starting in spring 2019. Sign up here to be the first to hear about our trial sessions and new term dates!

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