Mindfulness for Mums

Being a mum is wonderful and an absolute privilege but it can feel totally relentless. Constantly something to think about, plan, organise, wash, tidy.. You are living in the future, planning all the time. You feel snappy, exhausted, your head is in a million places at once, but not really anywhere for very long.

You start complaining, shouting at your kids but it never helps and you feel bad, you know it isn’t really them you are cross with. You worry you aren’t doing the right thing by you, your partner or your kids. You judge and you feel judged, you feel you are spread too thin, not quite doing anything ‘properly. You feel like there are so many ‘shoulds’ that you ought to be doing.


I get it. I have been there, feeling like I didn’t have time to do the things I wanted to be doing. I know that there is another way. It is NOT in the form of adding to your list of tasks each day. It is a shift in mindset, finding pleasure in the chaos. It is possible to be more present, calm and content.

You might think it is too much hassle, too much extra work. I speak to lots of mums who think this – and I used to think I didn’t have time – but it doesn’t take long before you start to notice a shift in the way you think, talk to your kids, talk to yourself, the back you act and the way you perceive and react to situations.

It is just BE-ing. Accessing our inner joy and releasing the conditioning and expectations. Living according to our own values and purpose.

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