The magical 4th trimester

So you are having a baby, amazing!!! You have planned for the birth…you have the baby paraphernalia. And THEN….baby arrives.

Have you thought about how you will feel in the first 24 hours? How you can support your own healing, emotionally and physically? Your hormones and how you will feel in the early days?  The things you can do to reduce the chances of post natal depression. Is there a “normal”?

How will you manage without a full night’s sleep, waking every few hours to feed your baby? How will your relationships change and shift and how can you help yourself to feel calm and content?  How do you know if your baby is doing well – with feeding and sleeping?

We put way too much pressure on ourselves as new mums. I would like to give you the confidence to know your way is the best way, to navigate those early days with confidence, to see the good bits and to let go of what a ‘perfect’ mother looks like. I lean on ideas from mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, yoga, psychology as well as my own experience as a mother of three. Embrace the imperfection, ditch the guilt and just BE.

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