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welcome to effie + ros mindfulness

I am delighted you stopped by. Effie + Ros was set up as a way for me share my love of mindfulness, meditation, natural crafts and creating space in our lives and those of our children. I am a trained Mindful Magic Mentor and offer group mindfulness sessions, private sessions, mindfulness in schools as well as mindfulness and nature craft workshops in Surrey/SW London as well as online.

ways to explore mindfulness



Simple, calming breathing exercises. Taking our attention to our breath helps us ground ourselves and bring ourselves back into the present moment. It takes a few minutes and can be used at any time at home to support both children and parents.



We are so distracted in the modern world of technology, yet our children have a natural focus. The ability to notice things we may not have otherwise noticed, focus and concentrate on the small things can help us to understand the idea that everything is temporary, even our thoughts.



Movement is an incredible mindful tool, especially if the thought of sitting still and quietly is a little intimidating! Mindfulness isn’t all about sitting quietly. It is an awareness of our physical selves as well as emotional.



We are all naturally mindful, especially when they are creating, in flow. This is mindfulness in its truest form. Pop over to our blog for lots of eco-friendly, sustainable, mindful crafts for kids and adults to enjoy.



Lots of children love a guided meditation! It is a gorgeous chance to get cosy with blankets and pillows, teddies for the younger children, and listen to short, empowering guided meditations. A chance to switch off, listen and to just BE.

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