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About kate

I started my business in 2017 after I felt a huge urge to learn more about the ideas I had learnt in hypnobirthing, when pregnant. I was drawn to the ideas of tuning into ourselves, understanding our feelings and emotions and taking time to nourish ourselves. My third child was a little over one year old and I utterly loved motherhood – but I found it hard as they got older. Hard to understand their emotions, how to deal with them and how to not feel overwhelmed myself.

I taught hypnobirthing for a year before focusing entirely on mindfulness and meditation, through Mindful Magic. The ideas and tools I have learnt through mindfulness have been transformative for me and my kids. It is not a passport to an easy mothering journey, but it allows space to observe what is happening and consider how we respond.

Mindfulness is simple, straightforward and entirely accessible. It doesn’t have to mean DO-ing anything. It is just about noticing. Noticing the feelings and emotions and from there we can shape our response. It isn’t another thing to add to your to-do list. It is a way of life. This simplicity spoke to me in so many ways and I passionately want to share this with as many children and parents as I can. I would love all children too have these tools from an early age – I believe it is truly life changing.

Kate x

About effie and ros

My business, Effie + Ros, is named after my two grannies. They were both a hugely formative part of my childhood and I have some very special memories of just ‘be-ing’ with both of them. Nothing to ‘do’, no where we needed to be, no pressure. Just enjoying gently pottering and being kids.

They were both teachers and cared deeply for the wellbeing of children and families. Ros’ family lived in the American South and opened the doors of their family home to educate children from all backgrounds – which at a time of segregation was pretty revolutionary. We visited Effie in the West of Scotland and spent our days prodding jellyfish on the beach, catching tadpoles in the streams and exploring the beautiful Highlands.

We lived in the present moment.
We were allowed to just BE.

About mindful magic

Mindful Magic was set up in 2018 to support children and parents in uncovering their inner happiness, calm and joy default.

At Mindful Magic, we believe that all children are born with innate happiness, resilience, calm, creativity and more. However, pressures of modern life, expectations and social media take over and these innate characteristics get jumbled or even covered up.  We would like to help children uncover their inner peace and calm, and happiness, resilience, so they can handle the inevitable stresses that life will throw at them. We believe that children need to know that all emotions are okay – that it is okay to feel how they are feeling, both happy and sad, and offer them a toolkit to support their emotional well-being and resilience for the rest of their lives.

We also want to support parents in the best possible way, both for themselves and so we, as parents, can support our children. Parents are encouraged to stay at our sessions if they would like to – and we have a friendly and supportive Facebook group where we share lots of tips and tools to use at home. (@effieandrosmindfulnessforfamilies).

This is not just another class for your children. This is a way of life, a framework for seeing and dealing with every situation in our lives with calm, resilience and peace.

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