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ice lanterns

easy, natural, satisfying, pretty...

This is the ultimate in easy and beautiful. It is the craft that keeps giving if you refreeze it, but also the craft that doesn’t last forever, so you don’t have to feel guilty about wondering if you can throw it out yet! 

what you need

  • A bowl or jar
  • A smaller glass or jar to fit inside, big enough to fit your tealight
  • A weight to hold the inside glass or jar down
  • Any foraged natural treasures you can find – flowers, orange slices, mini pine cones, leaves, sticks, bark, gemstone chips
  • Water and a freezer 
  • A tealight or candle


  • Put your smaller cup or jar into the larger one. As long as there is space to fit some flowers and leaves down the side, it doesn’t have to be lots smaller. 
  • Put something in the middle jar to hold it down – otherwise it will float up once the water is in the larger container. 
  • Fill the outer rim with your foraged natural treasures – flowers, orange slices, leaves, petals….literally anything you can find. 
  • Slowly fill the outer section with water. Try and spread out the distribution of your treasures, so it’s not all at the top of bottom. 
  • Freeze. 
  • Use warm water to loosen your ice lantern from its container. 
  • Light the tealight, hang outside and enjoy! Put it back in the freezer when you are not enjoying it, so you can enjoy it again the next day. 
  • Send me your pictures!! 

mindful moment

Take a moment to watch the candle light flickering, the light moving. Notice all the gorgeous flowers and natural treasures you found for your lantern. Notice the colours, the textures, the veins on the leaves. 

Take a moment to breathe in, imagine you are smelling one of the beautiful flowers you added to your lantern. Breathe in deeply through your nose, all the way down to your belly button. And gently, slowly exhale, imagine you are blowing our your tealight, with a long, gentle, exhale through your mouth. Repeat three times. 

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