Mindfulness for kids

As my wise fellow mindfulness practitioner Nikki put it, mindfulness helps to “take the edge off” parenting. It is not a ticket to an easy and dreamy parenting experience, but it can help you to shift down a gear. Take the pressure off a little and slow things down just a notch. Mindfulness is all about noticing. Noticing what is going on both inside and outside, and meeting what you find with a kind and loving heart. This process of noticing then informs your response to potentially challenging, stressful, tired-ness fuelled situations.

It sounds so simple. Just noticing. The reality, though, isn’t always that simple. Our lives are busy, stressful and full of expectation. This means that stopping to notice and acknowledge what is happening in a kind and non-judgemental way can be really hard. But the more you notice, the more you notice, and can choose can you respond. 

Mindfulness isn’t something else to DO. It can be 20 minutes of meditation if you want it to, but it can also be checking in with yourself while you make toast for the kids in the morning. Are you distracted, are you worrying about the past or the future, or are you really present, now? 


The power of our breath is incredible. Taking a deep, purposeful breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, keeping the exhalation lovely and long can totally reset your nervous system.


Can you bring your attention to notice what is happening around you? Perhaps notice something you have not seen before, or stop and notice before moving onto the next task….


Movement is a gorgeous way of spending a few mindful moments without having to sit still and quiet with your thoughts. Just to notice and acknowledge how your body feels without expecation. 


I love love love creating!! And what better way to enjoy a lovely mindful evening. Watch this space for lots more creative activities for adults as well as the little people.


I share guided meditations for parents in my Facebook group, and will be diving into the what, why and how of meditation on the blog!

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