Mindfulness for kids

We offer Mindful Magic classes for children age 4 and older. Classes are a wonderful way for children to explore their feelings and learn tools to help them develop greater calm, clarity and acceptance for life. We help children to tune into themselves, to recognise and understand their emotions and share simple, practical tools that they can use to  support their emotional well-being and uncover their innate happiness and joy. Children are naturally mindful so nurturing this innate ability within them is an absolute privilege to watch.

Each class includes a natural craft activity – encouraging children to connect with the nature world around them and notice how they can make use of the beautiful resources available is a natural part of mindful living.

At Effie + Ros we offer weekly classes for children, run as a course although it is possible to join for a drop in trial session. We also run workshops with a longer natural craft activity as well as schools sessions and private classes. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.


We share simple, powerful breathing tools with the children in a fun and accessible way. It is wonderful to see the children choosing tools that suit them best and watching them explore the  magical power of our breath.


Focus tools help us to become aware of something that we may not have noticed before. It helps us to develop concentration and an awareness that everything is temporary, including the thoughts whizzing through our minds.


Mindfulness is not all about sitting still. An important part of mindfulness is developing an awareness of our physical bodies as well as how we feel emotionally. It is a wonderful way to lift our energy levels as well.  


Each session includes a natural, eco and sustainable mindful craft activity. We explore some really magical ways that we can use nature in our crafty creations.


Sessions end with a beautiful guided meditation themed to each session. We have eye masks, pillows and blankets meaning the children can get cosy and allow their minds to switch off.

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