mindfulness for teens

Modern life is fast-paced, busy and full and teens face new pressures and challenges – to achieve, extracurricular activities, technology overload and social media. Teen sessions are focused focused on nurturing their emotional and mental health, offering them ideas to help recognise their feelings, release worries and build their confidence, through breathing techniques, mindful crafts, affirmations and guided meditations. 

I believe passionately in arming our children with resilience, the ability to express their emotions, cope with anger or anxiety, setting the groundwork for nurturing confident, compassionate and kind young people. Offering them the chance to develop their own emotional first aid kit.

**Please bear with us while we work on dates and venues for our classes for 10 – 13 year olds**



We share simple, powerful breathing tools with teen classes in a fun and accessible way. We have a different theme each week encouraging early teens to tune into themselves, with new breathing techniques for each session.


Focus tools help us to become aware of something that we may not have noticed before. It helps us to develop concentration and an awareness that everything is temporary, including the thoughts whizzing through our minds.


Mindfulness is not all about sitting still. An important part of mindfulness is developing an awareness of our physical bodies as well as how we feel emotionally. It is a wonderful way to lift our energy levels as well.  


Each session includes a natural, eco and sustainable mindful craft activity. From pressing flowers with air dry clay, wishing jars, breathing wands to natural dying – there are so many natural, magical and mindful ways to explore the world around.


Sessions end with a beautiful guided meditation themed to each session. We have eye masks, pillows and blankets meaning everyone can get cosy and allow their minds to switch off.


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